Market Garden

The Sheiling is set in 7 acres of an active croft. Most of the land has been planted with trees for shelter, and in 2010/11 a new native woodland of over 8,000 trees was planted on a further 11 acres of moorland. About two acres are used for the market garden business Skye Vegetables. Established in 2004, ‘Skye Veg’ supplies restaurants with traditional vegetables such as carrots, kale, spring greens, potatoes and broad beans. Customers include the nearby Red Roof Restaurant, and Skye Veg also supplies the “Glendale Highland Market” which operates every Tuesday during the summer season – less than 10 minutes drive from The Sheiling and a fabulous source of local produce.

Skye Vegetables supports fellow farmers in Ethiopia, Kenya and Malawi through “The CIFA Trust” (Charity Reg. No. SCO37566), and Anthony was the founding Chairman of this charity in 2006 following nearly 20 years working full-time throughout Africa and in North Korea. For more information about CIFA visit

Vegetable growing courses and talks are delivered by Anthony Hovey for individuals and community groups – more details can be found here.